Why participate in the PACKRADAR-XPO exhibition? – Why not?!

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Why participate in the PACKRADAR-XPO exhibition? – Why not?!

We will ask you back! Why not?

Some arguments in favor that can help you make a decision!

First of all, because it is a professional exhibition in packaging field, that has been waiting for you for a long time!

Applying as an exhibitor until 31 of march is free (with limited parameters*), but the full participation, you can reach with minimal cost too. This exhibition cost for exhibitor is at least 10-100 times cheaper than traditional “real installed” exhibitions!

As a visitor, it is free, there is no wasted time with travelling, parking, other time spent organizing! No unnecessary cost, like as hotel accomodation, daily fees, car renting, fuels, etc. !!

Substances may be published, e.g. application videos, software downloads, promotions, pdf brochures, technical data sheets, etc. which otherwise could not really be solved fastly and effectively till now.

And now come an argument against which no one can bring up anything. Nowadays, when we reach our family members “unfortunately” online in our private life, notify them online about events, provide them online with photos, videos, and don’t even visit them, we only communicate with them by video call, or online messages or post sharing, why would it be special situation if someone used the same opportunities in business !

Take advantage of this opportunity! Take a look at the exhibition or exhibit your products and services as an exhibitor!