International Student Design Challenge, from WPO, has a winner

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International Student Design Challenge, from WPO, has a winner

The winner of the competition, sponsored by WPO, is a foldable trophy that can easily assembled and transported.

December 2019WPO (World Packaging Organisation – has just announced the winner of the design challenge. Students worldwide were asked to create a bespoke prototype worldclass awards trophy that gives the wow factor!  The expectation was for

students to really challenge conventional thinking and break the rules with off-the-wall creativity and that was the key criteria for judging success. Students also had to take into account sustainability and costs as the award is massed produced and delivered worldwide.

The 1st prize goes to Tomas Rychter, originally from Czech Republic where he studied IT. In 2011 Tomas decided to move to Scotland as he wanted to do something more meaningful with his life and get out of his comfort zone. For three years he studied Product Design at the City of Glasgow College and thereafter he went on to continue his studies at Edinburgh Napier University where he entered the UK Starpack Student competition and won a silver award.  This is where he was introduced to WPO and the competition for their design award, which he says “seemed like quite a fun challenge.” 

According to Tomas: “I would prefer to go to work for a design consultancy for a couple of years after I graduate as I really like the variety of work you can get there as opposed to working as in-house designer. When I get enough experience and make a name for myself, I would like to start working as an independent designer and maybe even start my own consultancy. As I learn more about sustainability and where the world is heading I feel probably the same way as every other design student thinking that it is my duty to save the world. I kind of want to do more moving into a design strategy, as I get more experience trying to steer companies towards more sustainable future starting with simple changes to designs.”  Congratulations Tomas for producing a well-executed design and taking into account the criteria for success.

2nd place congratulations go to Cerys Dunmow that is 20 years of age and currently in her 2nd year at Loughborough University, UK, studying User Centred Design.   Cerys’ ambition is to work in design in areas such as  user experience design, ergonomics and human factors.

3rd place congratulations go to Hung Hin Chan who is in his 3rd year studying Industrial Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.  Hin’s wishes are to influence people to create a better world by focusing on sustainable and social design.

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