New RIPPATAPE X delivers quick and easy opening across the latest packaging formats

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New RIPPATAPE X delivers quick and easy opening across the latest packaging formats

Building on the success of Rippatape – the original market-leading tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging – Essentra Tear Tapes has launched Rippatape X. The new tape delivers improved cross-tear performance for the easy opening of paper sacks within the food and industrial sectors and mailers and large cartons used in e-commerce and retail packaging applications.

Manufactured using a specialised 75micron Monoaxially Orientated Polypropylene (MOPP) film, Rippatape X provides fast, safe and easy access to a pack’s contents. Importantly, its water-based adhesive solution does not impede the recycling of materials that it is applied to, ensuring both the tape and board can be processed through established recycling facilities.

Rippatape X removes the need for knives or any other sharp implements in the opening of packaging, reducing the risk of product damage or possible personal injury. Providing a clean and safe opening also ensures the product pack remains intact for any potential returns, avoiding the costs and impact on the environment from needing to supply extra packaging.

In addition, the tamper-evident nature of Rippatape X gives a clear indication if a package has been opened previously, providing brand and product protection for increased customer confidence.

Rippatape X has been designed to be easily applied to new and existing production lines at speeds of up to 450 metres a minute at the point of manufacture by using Essentra’s custom build applicators.

“As the demand from consumers for easy opening increases, we wanted to create a product that had the same popular qualities of Rippatape, yet could also withstand the more durable retail and e-commerce packaging formats now available,” comments Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development at Essentra Tear Tapes.

“The addition of Rippatape X delivers easy opening across the latest paper, corrugated and fibreboard packaging, protecting goods from damage while also providing evidence of tampering or packs being previously opened,” continues Ian. “This combination of consumer benefits, together with the ease of application for manufacturers, is ensuring Rippatape continues to deliver exceptional value to packaging.”



Essentra Tear Tapes is part of Essentra plc and is a global provider of tapes that deliver benefits to consumers, combining easy opening and closing for a wide range of products with creative design & print to deliver brand communication and protection – all promoted under four core themes of Open, Close, Inform and Protect.

Significant experience in the field of security technologies also enables us to combine overt and covert security into our tear tapes to protect brands and products.

Supported by a global manufacturing base, in-house design studio, R&D facilities and multi-million-pound print facilities, Essentra Tear Tapes is positioned to deliver the very best in quality, service and reliability to help make customers’ and consumers’ lives easier.


Essentra plc is a FTSE 250 company and a leading global provider of essential components and solutions. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Essentra’s global network extends to 29 countries and includes c. 5,500 employees, 42 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales & distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.

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