2018 Packaging Trends: Ones to Watch

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2018 Packaging Trends: Ones to Watch

2018 looks set to be the year that the current misconceptions of packaging change.

Consumers are on the lookout to reduce product waste with a focus on improving marine conditions and the effects of the excess use of plastic. This shift in consumer opinion is sure to have an impact on how manufacturers design and create packaging. We take a look at the ones to watch in 2018.

Sustainable Packaging

Recycling symbol

Probably the trend which has everyone’s interest peaked. Following the outcry of the amount of plastic that is polluting the planet, there’s pressure on manufacturers to make more of an effort to cut the wasted plastic and opt for more sustainable and recyclable materials.

Whilst fully plastic free packaging is a distant dream for many manufacturers (especially fresh food); designers will be working hard to make the current plastic packaging much more efficient.


Vintage Packaging

The farmer’s market and home-made style of packaging design has long bVintage packaging boxeen on the rise; especially with health foods. Brands are tapping into the feeling of nostalgia, using old style lettering and natural colours.

Digital and Smart Packaging

For the smart generation; brands can build relationships and increase PR coverage by offering consumers a reason to interact with their packaging through scanning or photographing. Digital is such an integral part of the marketing campaigns these days; it’s hard, even for the big brands, to ignore such a perfect opportunity. Even direct mail pieces have been using video to make a connection with the consumer.

Reusable Packaging

For consumers, just taking a glance on platforms like Pinterest can show you ten new uses for your old coffee jars. As part of a recycling push and consumers looking to do more to help reduce waste, look out for brands pushing their reusable, beautiful packaging that consumers simply can’t bear to throw away!

Whether manufacturers are looking to change the world, or simply encourage recycling of their products- packaging changes will no doubt lead to changes in the way products are coded.

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