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The Bevel cup comes in a unique design. It has some neat acrobatic abilities that give it the power to stand diagonally, upside down; but that’s not what attracted me to the Bevel cup. The packaging for the cup was more of a driving factor for me, and knowing that the design group put as much effort into the packaging as they did with the cup, really impresses me!

Every product you see around you came to you packaged in a cuboid box. Which is okay. They’re easy to manufacture, they’re stackable…but they’re way too mainstream. The Bevel cup’s packaging takes a more egg-six-pack approach, but boy, does it stand out! The bevel design manifests itself on the periphery of the box, creating a 3-d printer-esque robust outer box that really highlights the cup’s outline. Also, an impressive way to sell the bevel story! This get’s my thumbs up!

Designer: NANOIN Design


forrás: 2015.10.01